Sunday, February 10, 2013

Kamen Rider Hibiki: My Second Half

So anyone who has seen Kamen Rider Hibiki is aware of the infamous staff change that was done half way through. Chief producer Shigenori Takatera and writers Shinji Ooishi and Tsuyoshi Kida were replaced by chief producer Shinichirou Shirakura and writers Toshiki Inoue and Shouji Yonemura. Takatera's first half consisted of eps 1-29, whereas Inoue's half consisted of eps 30-48, and the movie. Now, I'm a HUGE fan of Hibiki. It currently ranks as #4 in my top favorites right behind Agito, Kuuga, and W. But I'll admit, I really don't care much for the second half as it is the first half that I really love (the second half never ruined it for me, unlike how Ryuki's second half ruined Ryuki for me). Though I do love the movie a lot. Anyway, I always wondered what Hibiki would've been like if Takatera hadn't been fired. And well, this blog post is about what my theories on what the second half could've potentially been like.


From what I have gathered, we were supposed to get two new characters to join the cast in the second half. They are Eiki (picture above) and Shouki (we instead got Kiriya and the short lived Shuki). I'm not sure if Eiki and Shouki were going to be main Oni like Hibiki, Ibuki, and Todoroki were, or if they were just gonna be support characters like Zanki was. Anyway, I feel like since Eiki is a taiko-based Oni like Hibiki was, he'd give further insight to Asumu about what it meant to be the kind of Oni that Hibiki was. From what we gathered in eps 28 and 29 (the only eps that Eiki appeared in), Eiki seems like a pretty happy go-lucky kind of guy. I can see him trying to show off the Oni stuff to Asumu a bit more aggressively than how Hibiki would. This would've been quite different compared to how Kiriya aggressively questioned Asumu's interests in Hibiki and making him think otherwise. Eiki's actual actor is believed to be the popular suit actor, Eitoku (aka Hisanori Oiwa. Also picture above). Also, this is just a scenario in my head, but I can so see Eiki introducing himself to Asumu by walking into Tachibana's while Asumu is at work.~

Kamen Rider Shouki Shouki

Next, we've got Shouki. Shouki appeared very briefly in the series. What we know about him is that he's a trumpet-based Oni much like Ibuki, and that he's partners with Danki (whom we do see a few times throughout the series). We do learn that Danki is a pretty impatient and irritable fellow, but still a good person nonetheless. One can assume that Shouki is a person who can easily tolerate Danki's character. And since he's a trumpet-based Oni, I like to think his role in the story would be that he'd give Akira further insight to what it means to be an Oni like Ibuki. I like to think Shouki is very professional when it comes to his job as an Oni, making sure to keep people like Danki in line. And I think he could somewhat do the same to Akira and her feelings of how the Makamou killed her parents. But unlike Shuki, who discourages Akira and talks out of becoming an Oni (Kiriya sadly helped too), Shouki would try to work around on trying to help make Akira a stronger individual, while still taking into consideration what Akira believes is most important to herself.


I think a 2-ep arc should definitely be given to both Todoroki and Hinaka. These two make such a sweet couple. Would be nice to have a story where the two finally get a date together. No, not any of that idiotic drama crap that Inoue plunged those two into. I was thinking more like how the two want to finally have a date together, but disappointingly, Todoroki's Oni responsibilities keep getting in the way. Something works out in the end and Todoroki and Hinaka finally get their date in the end.


I think a couple of arcs should be devoted to Akira finally becoming an Oni (we'll just go with the name, Amaki) and experiencing first hand how it feels to finally be one. Becoming an Oni was always Akira's intentions, and her finally becoming one should definitely be her time to shine.

A few arcs should also be devoted to Asumu temporarily becoming Hibiki's disciple and trying out what it means to train in order to become an Oni. This would be similar to what was actually done in the actual series, but with the exclusion of Kiriya.

The Man and Woman

For the finale, I think it should end with the final enemy being a super powerful Makamou, created as the perfect experiment from the Man and the Woman. Throughout the series, the biggest conflict of the show is the rise in power of the Makamou (which is eventually revealed to be the experiments conducted by the Man and Woman) and how the currently existing Oni are struggling to keep up with it all. In the finale, it'll take all the Oni in the series to defeat this super powerful Makamou, as well as finally putting a stop to the Man and Woman once and for all, ending the series long conflict. Not much is known about who the Man and Woman really are, aside from vague hints. I like to think they are a couple of humans from ancient times who got a taste of Makamou power and learned to harness and control it through experimentation. This would grant them a kind of immortality, as well as special powers. Perhaps the two had a kind of tragic backstory that would lead them to wanting to make use of the Makamou and wishing to send them out against all humans. The way I see it, the series will end with the defeat of the final powerful Makamou, and with the Man and Woman finally giving up their immortality, causing them both to finally die. Of course, Oni and Makamou will still continue to fight for many years to come in order to keep the balance of nature going. But at least this major conflict finally comes to an end.


Apparently from what I have gathered, the show was supposed to end with Asumu not becoming an Oni under Hibiki, and was to move on with his life with what he always wanted to do; to become a musician. So with Kiriya aside, apparently that last scene in ep 48 where Hibiki and Asumu talk to each other was always how the series was intended to end. With Hibiki telling Asumu how even though he's not his disciple, that he was always his student. And because of that, this scene is really the only thing I liked in the second half of the show. A nice pleasant way to end the show.~

To wrap this post up, just a fun little list of mine of what the following eps would be about:
30,31: Eiki's introduction to Asumu
32, 33: Shouki's introduction to Akira
34, 35: An arc for Todoroki and Hinaka
36, 37: Akira finally transforms into Amaki
38,39: Akira experiences what it means to be an Oni
40, 41: Asumu finally becomes Hibiki's disciple (for now)
42, 43: Asumu trains to become an Oni
44, 45: Asumu decides to not be Hibiki's disciple, to pursue his dreams
46, 47: Finale
48: Epilogue


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    3. Oh yeah, that post must be a little out of date, lol. xD

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