Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Writer's Block

For a while, I've been suffering a bit from writer's block for my blog. I frequently stumbled over the thoughts of what sort of blog posts I should type up. As well as what sort of blog posts were even worth typing up at all. On top of that, not even knowing who to type any of this to (I do know I have a few regular visitors who frequent this blog).

So what now? Well, I would really love to have some sort of a new beginning. Get a new act together for this blog. I know of plenty of topics to talk about that could last me more than a lifetime. Be it toku, anime/manga, video games, etc.

Basically, what I want out of those topics is for interesting conversations to come out of them ("interesting" being the key word). Or even just bringing stuff up that can get people thinking. And talking about stuff particularly based on facts. I love these topics a lot, and it is so much fun to talk about them all. It's also very interesting if they can lead to one's changing of opinions too!

I wish to continue enjoying everything I love to do, and to just sit back, relax, and to continue enjoying them, with fellow friends. =)

Most to Least Favorite Kamen Riders (Primary)

Request from an anonymous. My most to least favorite of the Kamen Riders themselves. For now, I'm just going to stick to the primary Rider protagonists, since there are so many secondary and minor Riders in the franchise.~

Top Favorites:
1. Godai (Kuuga)
2. Shouichi (Agito)
3. Kouta (Gaim)
4. Shotaro (W, Joker)
5. Kotaro (Black)
6. Hibiki (Hibiki)

I also like:
7. Shigeru (Stronger)
8. Ichimonji (Nigo)
9. Hongo (Ichigo)
10. Philip (W, Cyclone)
11. Amazon (Amazon)
12. Yuriko (Tackle)
13. Joji Yuki (Riderman)

The Middle:
14. Gentaro (Fourze)
15. Ryo (ZX)
16. Jin (X)
17. Shin (Shin)
18. Masaru (ZO)

The lower list:
19. Shirou (V3)
20. Kouji (J)
21. Kenzaki (Blade)
22. Shinji (Ryuki)
23. Takumi (Faiz)
24. Tsukuba (Skyrider)
25. Haruto (Wizard)
26. Wataru (Kiva)
27. Kazuya (Super-1)

The Bottom:
28. Eiji (OOO)
29. Ryoutarou (Den-O)
30. Tendou Souji (Kabuto)
31. Tsukasa (Decade)

Most to Least Favorite of all Power Rangers seasons

A request from an anonymous. Since I've seen the majority of the franchise, I see why not.~

1. Time Force

Lower List:
2. RPM
3. MMPR S1

The Bottom:
4. In Space
5. Lost Galaxy
6. Lightspeed Rescue
7. Dino Thunder
8. SPD
9. Zeo
10. MMPR S3
11. MMPR S2
12. Wild Force
13. Ninja Storm
14. Turbo
15. Jungle Fury
16. Mystic Force
17. Operation Overdrive
18. Samurai
19. Super Samurai
20. Megaforce
21. Super Megaforce

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Most to Least Favorite of all Metal Heroes

As a request from an Anonymous, a post of all Metal Hero seasons I've seen ranked from my most to least favorite:

I like:
1. Spielban
2. Metalder
3. Blue SWAT
4. Juspion
5. Jiraiya
6. Janperson

The middle:
7. Sharivan
8. Shaider
9. Gavan
10. B-Fighter
11. Winspector
12. Exceedraft
13. Solbrain

The lower list:
14. Jiban

The bottom:
15. B-Fighter Kabuto
16. Robotack
17. Kabutack

Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 Toku Anniversaries

Dekaranger turns 10 this year! I feel old. xD

Kamen Rider Blade also turns 10!

And wrapping up the 10th anniversary, Ultraman Nexus!

GoGoFive celebrates it's 15th anniversary!

Kakuranger turns 20 this year!

Blue SWAT also turns 20 this year!

Wrapping up the new 20-year-olds, Kamen Rider J!

Turboranger becomes 25! Which also means, it's the 25th year of the Heisei Era~

Jiban also becomes 25-years-old!

Start celebrating, Filipino and French toku fans! Bioman hits the big 30 this year!

The celebration doesn't end there for Filipino fans. Shaider also joins the 30th anniversary celebration!

35 years ago, Battle Fever J resurrects the Super Sentai franchise, which is still ongoing!

Speaking of revivals, Skyrider also turns 35 this year!

The silver-masked Kamen Rider X turns into a whopping 40!

Sharing the 40th birthday, is the great Kamen Rider Amazon!

The 40th anniversary sure is a big one. Ultraman Leo also joins!


Finally, Mechagodzilla also turns 40!


King Ghidorah celebrates it's solid 50th anniversary! Half a century!

File:Godzilla '54 design.jpg

The king of tokusatsu himself, Godzilla turns into an awesome 60!